What we do

Stinger Studios is Data-Driven. We will supply you with full reports about everything we are doing to grow your business. Transparency is vital to our philosophy.


Organic Search (SEO)SEO is a long term project, but we will be there for you every step of the way, always working to improve the quality and quantity of your website traffic and ensuring that your site is crawl-able and trustworthy.

Paid SearchThis should be the first step in your advertising strategy if you want to grow your business. We will identify and define optimal keywords to bid for. Follow our plan, and customers will soon be searching for your products or services on your website. 

Programmatic AdvertisingWhen you are ready for more advanced digital advertising we can automate the process and the transactions involved by purchasing and dynamically placing ads on websites or apps using displays and video, aimed at specific target markets to attract potential customers.

User Experience (UX) Design & ImplementationBy learning what your customers are looking for, we can design the optimal experience for them on your website. This involves user flows and analytics to ensure efficacy. 

Web development & OptimizationsIf you are starting from scratch, we can create a personalized user experience for your site from the get-go. If you have a website already, we can make it better, faster, and optimize it for mobile traffic.

Brand & Creative Strategy

Logo DesignIf you’re a start-up or need a new look, we’ve got your back. We will provide you with alternative designs and even come up with a research plan should you require data to make your final design choice.

Naming & TaglinesYour name says it all.  We have data-driven creative minds and writers that can help you select a well-researched name that tests successfully with your target market.

Brand GuidelinesConsistency is vital, and that’s why you need brand guidelines. Let us help you define your color palette, tone of voice, and overall feel and style.

Social StrategyIf you are not on social media, you are nowhere. We agree.  Depending on your type of business, some social media channels are better than others. We can assist you in developing a social media strategy with a full content calendar to maximize your engagements and lure your customers to your products.

Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio & Print)It’s still a thing. You don’t have to go down the digital-only road. With us on your side, you can do it all. To optimize your marketing choices, we will measure the impact of even the most traditional forms of advertising.