Who we are

Thriving on creative diversity, Stinger Studios prides itself on employing designers, developers, creative thinkers, and data scientists from all over the world to ensure that our clients are equipped with the most up to date creative strategies worldwide.

Stinger Studios blends the cerebral with the creative by removing the guesswork from the marketing campaign and replacing it with hard facts. At Stinger Studios you have creatives focussing on hard facts and data, discussing how to research and measure efficacy before unveiling marketing plans. The combination results in creative executions that are measurable, ensuring optimum Return On Investment.

Despite Stinger Studios’ disruptive data-driven approach to what has traditionally been an industry running on creativity alone, they remain surprisingly traditional. Stinger Studios has a firm understanding of traditional media combined with a disruptive post-modern data-driven sense.

Our obsessive focus, to find each client’s vision and bridge it with their consumer’s needs, takes a lot of time and effort, but the payoff is huge. Ready to go and leave your mark? Contact us today to start growing your business.